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·         The platform is of immense benefit to the global insurance industry as well as the certified professional investigator. It will provide a pool of trained, knowledgeable and certified professional investigators around the world who are ready and willing to work investigative assignments and produce reports that are of professional standards.


·         It will now be cost-effective for insurers to investigate suspicious life, foreign health and travel insurance claims and / or to document claims originating from any part of the world.


With the large pool of trained and knowledgeable professional investigators, each claim could be investigated for few hundreds of US dollars thus freeing more funds for companies to investigate other claims.


·         Our articles and courses on the Anti-Fraud Journal link that are focused on work improvement could be accessed by existing life, health and travel insurance personnel for their Continued Professional Development Program (CPDP). The relevant articles and courses are marked CPDP. Those for CPDP for each year are identified accordingly. Some of the articles and courses are marked FRAUD ALERT, aimed at alerting the insurance practitioner on current fraud trends.


The candidates for CPDP are expected to write an essay analyzing the salient aspects of the articles and how they reflect on the job they do. The essay is scored by the panel’s Advisory Board. The candidates are expected to score up to 75% and more to be awarded the CertificateContinuing Professional Development Program 2017 (Certificate, CPDP 2017) or whichever year that is applicable.


·         The platform strives to reduce the incidence of payment of fraudulent life, health and travel insurance claims worldwide by over 95%.


·         Life, foreign health, and travel insurance policies would be underwritten for reduced premiums as incidence of fraudulent claims is curtailed.


·         More health insurance companies will now commence to underwrite policies that cover the world and not be restricted to domestic operations.


·         More insurance companies will be floated or established to take advantage of the claims solutions offered globally by the platform.


·         Since trainees are sought among graduates of all disciplines, adding the investigative certification is an opportunity at developing a second career, securing gainful employment or earning, and satisfying one’s vocational interests.