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FIS® is the Fraud Indicators Scale.  It is the analytics software that enables the user, the insurers’ Claims Examiners, SIU Investigators, Travel Adjusters and independent investigative agents log in the data on foreign medical expenses and health insurance-related claims documents. FIS® then analyzes the data and produces a report that identifies the fraud indicators.


The claim documents would stem from such policies as follows:


·         Individual Health Insurance

·         Personal Medical Insurance

·         Group Health Insurance

·         Travel Insurance (Emergency Medical Expenses)

·         Hospital Confinement / Indemnity

·         Living Needs Benefit Insurance

·         Workers Compensation Insurance

·         Disability Insurance

·         Personal Accident Insurance

·         Personal / Public Accident Liability

·         Critical Illness / Care

·         Dental Insurance


The insurers’ Claims Examiners, SIU Investigators and Travel Adjusters can deploy the report in ensuring successful interviews of the claimants from the position of full knowledge of the facts about the documentation.


However, if they choose to investigate the claim, FIS’ analytical report could be utilized in advising field or local investigators about the information they require and the additional document(s) they seek to make informed decision on the claim.


FIS makes the work of the Claims Examiners, Investigators and Adjusters less cumbersome, faster, ergonomic and interactive than poring through the relevant handbook and the workbook to note each indicator and aggregate the scores allotted for the region.


The FIS is a mix of criminal and forensic psychology, medical facts, red flags, flash points and much more than contained in the relevant handbook and workbook.


FIS is the product of J. C. Owens Global Institute (Global Investigation Training Providers).


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