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Certificate, Continuing Professional Development Program (Certificate, CPDP)

For insurers’ Claims Examiners, Insurance Adjusters,

Travel Adjusters, SIU Investigators, and Field Investigators


“Providing continuing fraud investigation training to professionals worldwide”


Most of the articles and courses on the Anti-Fraud Journal link are aimed at sharpening the skills of the life and health insurance Claims Examiners, SIU Investigators, Travel Adjusters and field Investigators. They cover the current fraud trends. The article or course earmarked for the CPDP for each year is noted accordingly. (see Anti-Fraud Journal link).


Insurance associations and institutes around the world are advised to encourage their members to update their fraud knowledge in their respective areas of work.


The professional investigators are advised to register for the program by completing the form below and accessing the Anti-Fraud Journal link. They would be allowed one month to read the relevant articles and courses marked for the year’s CPDP and thereafter have another month to submit an essay of not less than 1000 words detailing the lessons they learned and the impact they will have in the performance of their work.


The essay would be assessed by the members of our Advisory Board. The successful candidate is awarded the Certificate, CPDP 2017 or whichever year that is applicable. The certificate is the equivalent of 10 CPD credits.


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