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Worldwide Representation and Claims Solutions


Attention: Insurers’ Claims Examiners and SIU Investigators


We welcome investigative assignments on life, foreign health and travel insurance claims worldwide from life, health and travel insurance companies, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and other investigative agencies around the world. The assignment would be worked by our consulting firm, J. C. Owens Global Consulting, LLC, the foremost global foreign life, health and travel insurance claims solutions’ providers and investigation intermediary.


The insurers’ Claims Examiners and Investigators are advised to assign their foreign claims around the globe for on-the-spot investigations. Please, check the relevant link below.


Attention: Certified Professional Investigators and Trainee Investigators


The certified professional investigators are also encouraged to register to receive cases for investigations in their locality / country. Please, note the certified professional investigators are holders of any of our professional designations: CLFI, CHFI, CLHFI, CTCI, CLAC, CHAC, CLHAC, and CTCC. The trainee investigators can register as well. Please, check the relevant link below.


For Insurers' Claims Examiners, SIU Investigators, Travel Adjusters, HMO's, Other Investigative Agencies: Assign investigative assignments worldwide.


Certified Professional Investigators; Trainee Investigators: Register for investigative assignments for your locality/country.