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What We Do


Foreign Life and Health Fraud (FoLiHeF) is a one-stop-shop claims adjudication panel or platform from review to investigation of life, foreign health and travel insurance claims in every nook and cranny around the world. It also encompasses the Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) for professional investigators.


FLHFI hosts the FIS analytics software. This link analyzes data from health-insurance related claim documents and provides an analytical report on the fraud indicators for insurers claims professionals and investigative agencies.


The site incorporates the Anti-Fraud Journal to disseminate information, share knowledge and experience among certified professional investigators via articles and courses on life, foreign health and travel insurance claims. The articles/courses are from the case notes of J. C. Owens Global Consulting, LLC (Global Risk and Investigation Consultants) from 1986 to date. They are authored by the staff and partners of the firm. It also provides education and training to students in colleges and universities interested in earning their certificates. The journal (online and print) is where we discuss the practical aspects and impact of fraud. It provides practical experience for the trainees and professionals alike and highlights what to expect in fraudulent claims.


There are two certification links, GLHAP and GTCP. GLHAP is the Global Life and Health Insurance Anti-Fraud Professionals. GTCP is the Global Travel Insurance Claims Professionals. Here, we explained the details about the various certificates and certifications offered via our training arm, J. C. Owens Global Institute (Global Investigation Training Providers). We intend to train corps of professional investigators around the world who can effectively investigate and report on life, foreign health and travel insurance claims.


The Resource Publications link lists our publications (journals, books, handbooks and workbooks) for global insurers’ Claims Examiners and SIU Investigators, the field Investigators, and the public. The handbooks and the workbooks are the training publications. They are available to those seeking our certificates and certifications as well as the public.


The Assignment Advisor provides an avenue for the insurance company or the travel insurer or that investigative agency worldwide to pass assignments to us for work around the world by our consulting arm, J. C. Owens Global Consulting, LLC. On this link, we also encourage certified professional investigators to log in and register with us to receive investigative assignments for their locality or country.